bullet Joseph Aura FARMER was born on 26 Aug 1908 in Ashley Co. Arkansas. He died on 17 Nov 1979 in Hamburg, Ark.. Parents: Joseph Alva FARMER and Letha Francis PAFFORD.

bulletJoseph B. FARMER was born on 2 Sep 1820 in Montgomery Co, VA. He died on 17 Jan 1879 in Hancock Co., IL. Sharon4mus@@aol.com .....Sharon Parents: William FARMER and Elizabeth BARNETT.

He was married to Susannah B. SPENCE on 12 Oct 1841 in Carroll Co. Va.. Children were: Alanson FARMER.

bullet Joseph B. FARMER was born on 4 May 1860. Parents: Joseph FARMER and SUSAN.

bullet Joseph Barnett FARMER was born on 30 May 1863. He died on 22 Jun 1921 in Hope Arkansas. Parents: Joseph FARMER and SUSAN.

bullet Joseph Benedict FARMER Parents: Joseph Goode FARMER and Ida CLARK.

bullet Joseph Beryl FARMER was born in 1826. He died in 1891. Parents: Elijah Ward Sr. FARMER and Martha Jane PRESTON .

Children were: Hannah FARMER, Jacob FARMER, John David FARMER, Robert Henry FARMER, Mollie Drucella FARMER, Joseph Dillard FARMER, Martha Elizabeth FARMER , George Loonie FARMER, James FARMER, Isaac FARMER, William FARMER, Alexandria FARMER, Mny FARMER, Emily FARMER, Josephine FARMER, Florence FARMER.

bulletJoseph Calvin FARMER was born in Dec 1843. Parents: James Bird FARMER and Jane CURNUTT.

He was married to Sarah Jane SHADDOX on 4 Jul 1867 in Newton Co. arkansas. Children were: William S. FARMER, J. B. FARMER, Martha Elizabeth FARMER, John Thomas FARMER, George Washington FARMER , Rebecca J. FARMER, James F. FARMER, Charles W. FARMER, Robert FARMER, Rufus E. FARMER, Margaret J. FARMER.

bullet Joseph Dillard FARMER Parents: Joseph Beryl FARMER.

bullet Joseph Douglas FARMER was born about 1856. He died on 25 Feb 1923 in Fairport, Northumberland, Va.. Lighthouse Keeper Parents: James A. FARMER and Sarah Rebecca JOHNSON.

bulletJoseph Franklin FARMER was born on 6 Jun 1877. Parents: Isaac Franklin FARMER and Betty Elizabeth STRATFORD .

He was married to Bertie MOORE in Monroe La..

bullet Joseph Goode FARMER was born in 1837. Parents: Silas Cheatham FARMER and Hulda CROOK.

Children were: Joseph Benedict FARMER.

bulletJoseph M. FARMER was born on 2 Jun 1819 in Hamilton Co Tn. He died on 22 Jul 1877 in Mo.. Parents: William FARMER and REBECCA.

Children were: James FARMER, Thomas FARMER, Aquilla FARMER, John FARMER, Rebecca Jane FARMER, William G. FARMER.

bulletJoseph Marion FARMER was born in 1822. Parents: William FARMER and Martha A. Patsy KELLER.

bulletJoseph O. FARMER was born in 1878 in Mo.. Parents: William G. FARMER and ELLEN.

bullet Joseph Presnall FARMER was born in 1860. Parents: Elijah Ward Jr. FARMER and AMANDA.

Children were: Robert R. FARMER, Harry Gordon FARMER, Raliegh Kendell FARMER, Jessee FARMER, Elijah W. FARMER, Joseph Preston FARMER, Alline FARMER, Eva FARMER, Crawford FARMER, Max FARMER.

bulletJoseph Preston FARMER was born in 1895. Parents: Joseph Presnall FARMER.

bullet Joseph Riley FARMER was born in 1848 in Indiana. He died in 1858 in Indiana. Parents: William FARMER and Anna Jane FIELDS.

bullet Joseph W. FARMER was born on 30 Mar 1857 in Bradley Co. TN.. He died on 25 Jan 1931 in Los Angeles, Cal.. Parents: Robert A. FARMER and Mahala R. HOPKINS.

bulletJoseph Walter FARMER was born on 15 Feb 1872. Parents: Joseph FARMER and Catnerine LITTLEFIELD.

bullet Josephine FARMER was born in 1849. Parents: George Preston FARMER.

bullet Josephine FARMER was born about 1867. Parents: Joseph Beryl FARMER.

bullet Josh FARMER was born about 1826 in Tennessee. He died after 1880 in Near Peoria, Hill County TX. Parents: Leroy FARMER and Nancy WHARTON.

He was married to Harriett HOOKER about 1848 in Laurence County, TN. Children were: Nancy Elizabeth FARMER, Sarah FARMER, Eliza Lide FARMER, Mary Molly FARMER, Ldsay FARMER, Alice FARMER, Martha FARMER, George L. FARMER.

bullet Joshua FARMER

Children were: Joshua FARMER, Jeremiah FARMER.

bulletJoshua FARMER was born in Pa.. Parents: Joshua FARMER and KATHERINE.

He was married to Elizabeth WILLIAMS on 15 Jul 1806 in Flemming Co., Ky..

bullet Joshua FARMER died before 1855 in Atchison co, Mo.. Parents: Jeremiah FARMER and Nancy WILLIAMS.

He was married to Narcissa SHELTON on 6 Nov 1840 in Platte Co Missouri.. Children were: Mary Jane FARMER, Jeremiah FARMER, William FARMER.

bullet Joshua A. FARMER was born on 28 Oct 1838 in Lauderdale, TN. He died on 14 Apr 1912 in Cooke County TX. Parents: Leroy FARMER and Nancy WHARTON.

He was married to Nancy C. in TN..

bullet Josiah FARMER Parents: Thomas V FARMER and Ruth PARKER.

bullet Josiah FARMER Parents: Henry Willard FARMER and Sybil KNIGHT.

bullet Josiah FARMER was born in 1845 in Copiah Co. Miss. Parents: Henry FARMER and Martha FOSTER.

bullet Josiah FARMER Parents: Joseph FARMER and Sarah MORRIS.

bullet Josiah 5 FARMER Parents: Thomas 4 FARMER.

bullet Josiah J. FARMER Parents: Isaiah FARMER and Gilly SMITH.

bullet Josie FARMER Parents: Preston William FARMER.

bullet Josie FARMER was born on 14 Jan 1894 in Ardmore, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. She died on 21 Aug 1975 in Vinita, Craig, Ok. Parents: Benjamin Franklin FARMER and Susan Margaret BALL .

She was married to Wiley Cleveland RAULSTON on 1 Jul 1909 in Tecumseh, Pottawatomie, Ok.

bullet Juan FARMER Parents: Wesley Marion FARMER and Chloe RUTLEDGE.

bullet Judah FARMER Parents: Joseph FARMER and Sarah MORRIS.

bullet Judea 6 FARMER Parents: Joseph 5 FARMER.

bullet Judith FARMER Parents: Elam 5 FARMER and Phebe CHEATHAM.

bulletJudith Mary FARMER was born in Ky.. Parents: John FARMER and Elizabeth LANGSTON.

bullet Judy FARMER Parents: Wesley Marion FARMER and Chloe RUTLEDGE.

bullet Judy Ann FARMER was born in 1750. Parents: Lodowick 5 FARMER and Sarah CHEATHAM.

bulletJulian Monroe FARMER was born on 15 Aug 1908. Parents: Isaac Henry FARMER and Mary Bell HAMILTON.

bullet Junior Lee FARMER Parents: William Lee FARMER and Emma Rosetta REED.

bullet Juno Brone FARMER Parents: Oather FARMER and Calley Lee TROTTER.

bullet Karen Salina FARMER was born on 3 Sep 1880. Parents: James Jordan FARMER and Savannah BEAL.

bullet Karie 6 FARMER Parents: Francis 5 FARMER and Mary FERGUSON.

bullet Kassie FARMER was born on 10 Nov 1882. Parents: Sam FARMER and Sarah Marth PENDERGRASS.

bullet Katharine FARMER Parents: Edward FARMER and RACHEL.

bulletKatherine FARMER was born on 10 Jan 1874. Parents: Cadmus FARMER and Mary Ann SCANTLING.

She was married to F C SWARTZ on 20 Aug 1900.

bullet Kay FARMER was born between 1878 and 1882. She died between 1882 and 1888. Parents: Benjamin Franklin FARMER and Susan Margaret BALL.

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